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23 August 2022 12:00-13:00

Uncurled - everything I know and learned about running and maintaining OpenSource projects for three decades.

Daniel Stenberg shares personal and direct experiences, lessons learned and anecdotes collected from several decades of maintaining, running and developing several widely popular Open Source projects. curl probably being the most known and used one. 

What is managing volunteers like? How do you communicate about your project? How do you get money? What does it really mean to be a maintainer? And a lot more.

When: 23/8 12-1 pm (CEST)
Language: English

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Daniel Stenberg

Daniel Stenberg was awarded the Polhem Prize in 2017. He is an open source software developer, actively participating in several networking related projects with curl being the primary and most known one. He has worked on HTTP implementations for over twenty-five years, been involved in the IETF for over a decade and once worked on Firefox for several years at Mozilla. Daniel is employed by wolfSSL.

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